Used Band Instruments   

We buy used band instruments, guitars, and amps
Please call ahead to see what we are looking for before coming in.

All of our used instruments have been professionally
serviced and polished. The following is a sample listing. Please call for specific instruments in stock and pricing.

Instrument Make(s) Jack's Price
Piccolo Bundy, Bonet $199-$329
Flute Armstrong, Artley, Buffet Crampon, Bundy, Emerson, Gemeinhardt, Jupiter, Selmer, Yamaha $199-$299
Clarinet Armstrong, Artley, Buffet Crampon, Bundy, Jupiter, LeBlanc, Olds, Selmer, Vito, Yamaha $189-$399
Trumpet Bach, Buescher, Bundy, Conn, Jupiter, King, Winston, Yamaha $179-$399
Alto Sax Buffet Crampon, Bundy, Conn, Jupiter, Vito, Yamaha $299-$799
Trombone Bach, Bundy, Jupiter $249-$599
Violin Meisel (all sizes) $199-$399
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