Record Store Day 2009   
Record Store Day - 4.18.09
The morning started off pretty strong with twice the normal Saturday traffic. People were swiping up all the cool 7 inch's such as a limited edition Bruce Springsteen single, which was the hottest item of the day. We sold out of it within 2 hours. Also on the popular list was a new single by Bob Dylan.

There were also plenty of free giveaways and most importanly FREE FOOD which the customers seemed to enjoy. Then came the live music. First up was Carly McIlvaine whose brand of classical pop jazz was very unique. Second was local fav Pat Guadagno, who was a last minute addition. He had the fine folks at Jack's attention as he performed songs by Dylan, Springsteen and Sonny & Cher. Next up was an exclusive preview of the new Bob Dylan cd "Together Through Life" all I can say is WOW! People should not pass this one up when it comes out on the 28th of April. The last performance of the day was The Sonny Kenn Band who burned the house down with a 1 & 1/2 hour set of blues, rockabilly and surf songs and boy did they have Jack's Rockin'.

When all was said and done, Record Store Day 2009 was a rousing success. We actually had people in the store that seemed to enjoy browsing the racks of vinyl and cd's and all the live music.

Thanks for your help and support,
Chris Van Orden