Store Policy   
Jack's Music Shoppe adheres to the following protocol:

For returns or exchanges, no cash refunds will be given - only in store credit. This credit is applicable to any item in the store, and never expires. Note that if you purchased items with a credit card, your account will not be credited, and you will be given an in-store credit receipt as if you paid cash. Each department has different rules regarding what is returnable:

Sheet Music
Due to copyright infringement laws, there shall be no returns or exchanges whatsoever on any printed music. Note that this includes sheet music, compilation books, piano/band methods, etc.

CDs, Tapes, DVDs
Store credit will be given for unopened merchandise only. No cash refunds.

Electronic Equipment
On electronic equipment, defective products are covered by manufacturer warranty. Thus, all concerns should be directed towards the manufacturer.

There shall be no returns on any instruments (guitars, band instruments, etc.) If the instrument is defective, bring it back to the store and we will assist you.

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